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The mill at Howsham weir
The mill at Howsham weir

Welcome to the new look [river angler] Yorkshire River Angler It has been 4 years almost since River Angler was first put online and since that time it has started to show its age. So we decided to go for a new look and also keep our boundaries within Yorkshire and the rivers that we here know well and love to fish. We were getting emails from all over the country about rivers and Don at Doncasteralthough we gained many friends who helped us write about and fish these rivers it became very time-consuming. So now all our efforts are aimed at the rivers in Yorkshire with just the occasional trip to the Trent or other nearby rivers, I and my 4 fishing friends Russ Phill  Darren and Mark can get more fishing done on our home rivers. I’m sure there will be more videos and posts about Yorkshires Rivers put on here this season. Please feel free to send us any info you want to include photos if poss of any stretch of Yorkshire river that you would like to see a video of. In fact, email us any info or you can ask any question. We aren’t looking for your secret big fish swim or your nice quiet area that you have found, we just aim to share more about our rivers here in glorious Yorkshire.
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