Aldby Park Angling Club

Aldby Park Angling Club has managed the water on the Yorkshire Derwent for the last 28 years.

The cost for membership for Aldby Park Angling Club is reviewed annually and is based on the cost of running and leasing the fishing. The Fishing is for around 6 miles of the river mostly on both banks and if you like secluded river fishing in some fantastic picturesque surroundings then take a look at Aldby Park. here are a few snippets from their website,

wier at buttercrambe river yorkshire derwent

 Aldby Park Angling Club has managed angling on the Aldby Park Estate for the past 28 years.  Based at Buttercrambe Hall, which is about 10 miles east of York, we have access to around 6 miles of the banks of the Derwent from just above Scrayingham Village, to Stamford Bridge.  This includes water that was previously leased by Leeds Amalgamation of Anglers.  There is a low frequency and density of angling, which works to the mutual advantage of the members and the Aldby Park Estate, who own the fishing.  

Aldby Park has been set up for pleasure angling only and there are no matches The river isn’t fished intensively and it maintains a very discreet presence on the river. The club supervises the restocking and the maintenance carrying out bankside cleaning and ensuring that the water is fished only by permit carrying members, If you join Aldby Park you will get some great peaceful fishing and the chance of some big fish there are a few areas that have riverside parking. 

The river has a variety of species and offers the angler scope for use of different angling methods. It is well known for its specimen Chub and Barbel but like most of the river Derwent catching them requires a good level of skill dedication and luck. Barbel to over 12 lbs Chub to over 8lbs Grayling, Bream, Roach, Perch, and Dace.

see the clubs website belowhOWSHAM WOOD


Some big fish can be had Barbel to 12 lb 10 but these are exceptional fish and with such a good length and depth of river you have to put the time in. but any Derwent barbel is a noted catch. some good chub to 8 lb 2 also carp. yes, Carp to 18 lb good sized roach 2 lb 2 perch to 3 lb Grayling to 1 lb 10 that’s a nice grayling also bream, dace, trout, sea trout, bleak, ruff, minnow. so come along and get hooked on the Derwent.

The club is very well run and it’s nice to see other River Derwent fans on the bank, there are some great pegs cut out at Buttercrambe and access is very well described for the fishing along its 6 miles at the various farms. I have caught Barbel chub roach perch and dace from the Aldby Park water . for a look at fishing on all of the river, Derwent look here.    Derwent

For further detail about membership please contact Phil Jones   APAC Secretary, email                                                                                                

or     Chris Caller, APAC Club Treasurer, email    

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