Bradford City Angling Association                       


Bradford City have water on the river Aire Wharfe Ure and the Swale, they also have water on the Ribble. Quite a lot of Bradford Citys water is on the upper to middle reaches of the rivers and if you are into fly fishing you may have just found your perfect club. The club has around 4 miles of fishing mostly on both banks above Aysgarth on 3 separate lengths,  an excellent map book and a guide to the fishing and it can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf file, Here



For anglers seeking to fish further downstream Bradford have water at Topcliffe on the river Swale and at Roecliffe on the Ure up towards Boroughbridge and down at Dunsforth witch is a deep water and is great in the winter months.

Looking at Bradford,s website it great to see the detailed maps that they produce it gives the angler proper directions of where to fish and the entrance to the water there is a lot more on Bradford,s site and it gives the impression of a very well run club.

Membership is reasonably priced for seniors and a small joining fee is required. see Bradfords website.

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