The Derwent Anglers Club Established in 1839 is one of the oldest clubs in the country and the club holds the fishing of the upper Derwent from waters meet [well above Langdale down to East Ayton] The club has a waiting list to join but this has not always been the case, contact the secretery for more details. To quote from the clubs website .

The stretch of river that the Derwent Anglers’ Club control, runs from Waters Meet where it joins Low North Beck just below the North Yorkshire Moor to the weir at East Ayton at the southern end of Forge Valley.
The river runs through Langdale, Troutsdale, Holmeswood, Hackness Everley Bottoms and onto Forge Valley providing the anglers of all abilities the chance of casting a fly on a river that can in some areas be fished easily, to stretches that provide a real challenge. Between Waters Meet and Langdale the fishing here is for Wild Trout. There is no stocking here and fishing can be challenging. Although the fisher who is prepared to make the short walk through woods at Langdale can be rewarded with fantastic fishing in unspoilt countryside.
The river runs through pastureland on one side with deciduous woods on the other side. The more challenging area greets the fisher as he comes to Barns Cliff where the valley sides run up from the river. The fishing here is exhilarating and the rewards of catching Wild Brownies which can attain 30 cm in length with light tackle in unspoilt surroundings, proves to be irresistible for the angler. This part of the river is rarely fished with only occasionally a few hikers to say “hello” to. The quality of Wild Brown Trout here stay in our memories for some time.
The water that runs from Langdale down to Hilla Green bridge in Troutsdale is more open with pasture land running down the left hand side, with woods on the right hand side of the bank. Fishing is possible from both banks. Stock Trout are provided here to supplement the Wild Trout, for the angler who wishes to take decent sized fish. The open countryside offers the angler a diversity of fishing in the pools, runs and glides.

See their website for further details click here. Derwent Anglers.


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