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Welcome to Yorkshire River Angler and our new look website and about page. If you fish Yorkshires rivers already you will therefore know how diverse they can be. With twisting turns and fast water and yet a few hundred metres downstream you can be fishing in a slow deep stretch lined with trees. Fishing the gravely bottomed river for chub and Barbel can be a challenge but also very rewarding too. We love our river fishing here in Yorkshire and here on our site, you have access to seasoned anglers. with years of experience on rivers here in Yorkshire.

We are also trying to promote Yorkshires rivers to the visiting angler. So we are now offering a guided service to visiting anglers. So let us know if you would like to fish any particular river and we can plan things out for you. perhaps you may just want to please yourself and visit one or possibly two rivers then please look on the pages of our website and I’m sure you will find what you are seeking.



We are just a handful of anglers who love to fish for barbel in Yorkshire. Although we have one simple aim and that is to promote river fishing especially here in Yorkshire. River fishing has been in decline over the last few decades, But this wasn’t due to one specific reason but to a host of different ones. Commercial fisheries have become very popular over the last few decades and who can blame anglers for opting into the so-called armchair fishing community, after all, you can park your car next to your swim and walk 10 yards to buy your bait and catch all day long.

The match fishing scene in the 60s and 70s was a fantastic time breeding some legendary names fishing places like the Trent, Witham, the Welland, The Great Ouse championship. not to mention the Yorkshire Ouse championship and the Yorkshire Derwent. Names like Ivan Marks fishing for the Leicester angling society. Kevin Ashurst Ian Heaps, Benny Ashurst, all these people did wonders for river angling and so too did Bernard Venables a cartoon strip in the Angling times fishing twisty windy rivers inspiring youngsters to take up the sport. If you like the cartoon strip rerun in Angling Times then look no further than the river Nidd. This little river is a fantastic twisty Turney crabtree river right here in Yorkshire.

Those days are gone but for some anglers, the rivers are still an attraction even with all the problems that rivers have such as water abstraction, otters, mink, cormorants, and goosanders. The clean rivers that we now have here in Yorkshire are seeing Salmon run up in ever-increasing numbers and with this brings its own problems like the added value to riverside land that could also bring with it increased rent for the clubs here in Yorkshire and that too could mean less fishing for us coarse anglers? and increased fishing costs? The more people who join clubs and get on the riverbank can only better our sport and sort some of these issues out.



I’m sure there will be more videos and posts about Yorkshires Rivers put on here this season. Please feel free to send us any info you want to include photos if possible. Or tell us a little of your stretch of river here in Yorkshire, email us any info or you can ask any question.

We aren’t looking for your secret big fish swim or the nice quiet area that you have found, we just aim to share more about our rivers here in glorious Yorkshire. If it’s fishing you want then come to Yorkshire.

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