Great Ouse


The Great ouse

The Great ouse rises near the village of Syresham not far from the Silverstone racing circuit and flows into The Wash 143 miles later.

It is the fourth longest river in the Uk and is home to some great fishing too. The river forms the border between Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

As it winds its way through Buckingham The river then collects Padbury brook and the flow is northeast to stony Stratford , skirting Milton Keynes, then twists and turns its way past Newport Pagnell. The river twists its way past the villages of Olney Odell Felmersham and Bromham to name just a few along the way,

After winding its way through Bedford we go through Great Barford Tempsford and Little Barford and along to st Neots then Godmanchester Huntingdon  Hemingford grey and St Ives, at Earith the river splits as it crosses the fens into 2 man-made channels the new Bedford river and the north Bedford river head northeast towards kings Lynn while the Ouse or [old west river ] collects the river Cam and heads towards Ely,

After Ely, the river is joined by the River Lark then the Little Ouse. Just above Ely the river follows some of the A10 and is often referred to as the ten-mile bank.Here the river reaches the Denver sluice a gigantic arrangement of lock gates that controls the main outlet of the Fen river system the river continues onwards through Kings Lynn and finally to the sea at the Wash.

The Fishing.                                                                      

Great Ouse

Great Ouse

 At this time as I write the Uk record Barbel comes from this river so straight away you get some perspective at what the river is capable of. There are numerous angling clubs on this river here we name a few and hope you can help with the rest along with any good fishing areas.

Verulam Angling is privately owned and offers fishing on the Great Ouse with yearly membership available.

Wellingborough and District Nene Angling club has water on the Great Ouse between Chelington and Felmersham they offer yearly membership

Shefford and District Angling Association have Three sections of the river at Pavenham Willington and little Paxton. Shefford offers yearly membership and night permits.

The London Angling Club offers several waters on the river and is very good value for money check them out here.

 for day ticket info on the clubs below please click on links.

Cambridge kings lynn cluny

Old pdf doc fishing on the great ouse click here

The River Great Ouse may not be in Yorkshire but we get emails from anglers looking for information about rivers further afield. We have a few pages of information in our Archive pages of rivers from all over the country, These were from our Nationwide River Angler days, We had to narrow down to Yorkshire river angler because the workload for our small team was getting too large, but nevertheless, interest in other rivers continues to filter into our inbox, One such email from Tony from Offord & Buckden Angling Society took my eye as the Great Ouse is a river that I have fished a couple of times and if it wasn,t for the distance it is one that I would be fishing more often.

If any of our readers are interested in the Great Ouse then look no further than the Offord & Buckden Angling Society



 Please feel free to contact us and let us have as much info as you can spare about the great ouse we will look at your contribution and add it in the appropriate way to this site regards.Andy.