Leeds and District Amalgamated Society of Anglers

Leeds and District Amalgamated Society of Anglers have a good amount of water on all of the major rivers in the county, say Topcliffe to any river angler and Leeds & District will pop into their head.

Leeds angling club have a good priced yearbook with no joining fee, They have a great website with all the information that you want a clubhouse and a forum.

Waters include the river Aire including Beal and Ferrybridge a great Roach water. The River Derwent at Kexby and Sutton on Derwent a very good winter Roach venue and one of my favourites. Lots of the Nidd including Hamerton a great Barbel venue, Leeds have a huge amount of the Ouse and of course the Swale at Topcliffe, The Ure is also on the agenda with fishing at Middleham down to Lower Dunsforth another deep water and a good winter stretch.

All in All, Leeds offer a huge amount of river to fish with a good variety of fishing to suit every angler.


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