River Ure Ouse

River Ure / Ouse

The River Ure / Ouse has seen numerous changes weirs have been constructed to harness the power of the water for mill’s, canals have been built to gain access to upstream places, watercourses have been altered to alleviate flooding, but most of the river is still the same as it was after the last ice age! bear that in mind the next time you fish the River Ure.

The river Ure starts its life at Abbotside Common and flows in Wensleydale valley towards Wensley. The river is 129 miles long and the 6th longest river in the United Kingdom. The Ure’s 129-mile length is unique by incorporating all its entirety within the county of Yorkshire. We speak of the Ure as the whole river from source to the Humber, which in fact the river is named the Ouse from about 10 km downstream of the confluence with the  River Swale just before Linton on Ouse, where a small stream [Ouse Gill Beck] atCuddy Shaw reach Linton on Ouse joins the main river. The River Ure is also unique by not having [unlike the rest of the Dales rivers] the name of the valley it flows through. [wensleydale] The fishing on the river Ure is very diverse from barbel to gudgeon grayling to salmon you can find them all in this gem of a river.

The river Ure ouse has some excellent fishing along its whole length, and in the upper reaches, there is plenty of day ticket and yearbook water. Wensleydale Angling club have some good water on the river, the stretch at Bainbridge has a day ticket length, fishing for brown trout and grayling day tickets are available from the Rose and Crown  01969650225 for around a tenner.  The club also has water on what is considered one of the shortest rivers in England. The river Bain at about 2 and a half miles long, leaves the second largest natural lake in North Yorkshire- Lake Semerwater and joins the River Ure, to the east of Yore Bridge, opposite the mouth of Grange Beck. The scenery along the river Ure, within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, has to be seen to be believed, and fishing within this beautiful area is a fantastic experience, and catching there, is a bonus.

River Ure Ouse

River Ure Aysgarth

Hawes and High Abbotside angling association have 15 miles of double bank fishing for trout and grayling day tickets week and season tickets available from outlets in Hawes Three Peaks outdoor shop  Waltons of Hawes   The Gift Shop in Hawes for all the information you need take a peek at their website here Hawes  

Bradford City AA  has some good stretches on the river Ure at Worton Bridge and at Aysgarth. At Worton Bridge, the fishing is for trout and grayling. The club have an experienced watcher on this stretch and he is available to give any advice and even accompany members to help and advice on tackle and tactics, what more could you wish for. At Aysgarth, there are around 4 miles of good trout and grayling fishing on 3 separate lengths. The watcher is available for help and advises on this stretch too, Bradford City doesn’t have day tickets, but a yearbook is around £40 with a joining fee and with lots of other rivers in Yorkshire on the book.

It’s well worth the value.  See their website for further information, or use our contact form to mail us here. Leeds have water at Middleham. The Bolton Estate has fishing from water covering approximately 5km of fishing from both banks, between Redmire and Middleham fishing is for trout, grayling, and Salmon.   Grayling fishing is enjoyable on any river and the Ure is no exception these fish are sought after by a few anglers and if you are float fishing for any species the grayling are a very welcome catch see more at the Grayling Society    The Estate operate a catch and release system, in the hope that this will improve stocks. For booking and further information

Jervaulx fly fishers have a stretch of the river at Swinithwaite- take a look at their website for further details. They have earned an enviable reputation and if you love to fly fish for free rising trout, and fishing in the Yorkshire Dales, then have a good look at the site as it may just suit you- jervaulx There is ample fishing on the upper Yorkshire Ure. A few other clubs to look at are Masham Angling Club. These control around 3 miles of Swinton Estate water near Masham, fly fishing only, and anglers only. A waiting list for membership of this prolific trout and grayling stretch in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales the river at Masham is considered one of the best stretches of the whole river. Yorkshire Fly

River Ure/Ouse salmon ladder at boroughbridge

salmon ladder

Fishers have water around Masham, and Bear Park angling club has a couple of stretches near Aysgarth. The Black Bull and Thornaby have fishing rights up from Masham Take a walk on the river and speak to other anglers for the best info or look at these sites for further interesting reading:

River Ure

Coarse fish appear around Middleham and some good catches can be had in these parts of the river Ure down at West Tanfield. Tickets are available from the camping /caravan site at Sleningford Watermill  01765 635201. Further downstream, Ripon piscatorial’s have 6 miles of double bank fishing around Ripon Further on at Newby Hall Estate and Skelton-on-Ure. Day tickets are available from Estate Office (01423 322583) or from the village store. There is a weir pool and a canal that bypasses the weir and boats can only get as far as Ripon.

At Boroughbridge, there are a few clubs to chose from, above the weir, Bradford no1 have water below the weir, Harrogate and Claro angling club have water. Further downstream Boroughbridge Angling club has water on the right bank from just after Boroughbridge Hall peg 1 to the start of the Leeds water at Hall arms lane. Day tickets are from Bailey’s shop near the Crown Hotel for Boroughbridge angling club, AC ticket also available here so is the Harrogate and Claro ticket also the Brafferton ticket from Baileys on the main road.  Pybus newsagents in the town centre for Boroughbridge tickets and AC tickets only.  Fish and Things tackle shop is now closed. See  Fishing around Boroughbridge for further details of fishing in this area. Barbel and chub are the quarry the barbel don’t get too large but can be good sport.


At Dunsforth the river produces some good catches every year with good roach and bream on the cards. The river is deep here, and suitable tackle is needed.  From Thorpe Underwood to Newton on Ouse Leeds have a considerable amount of fishing. The Thorpe Underwood length is a deep water and has a good extensive winter league match fishing fixtures. York and District have water at Beningbrough Hall opposite the Nun Monkton length, where again, Leeds have the water near the Nidd mouth. This can be a productive area for Bream. Leeds and District again, have water at Nether Poppleton, and nearer York at Overton.

York and District have more water. Rawcliffe is a York water and in the city, there are two miles of free fishing. Find somewhere to park and a nice concrete path, and away you go. Fish the river Ure Ouse for free. Through the city at Fulford, York again has water on the River-Ure Leeds water at Acaster Malbis day tickets available from York and Leeds tackle shops also yearbooks. Fulford is known for its big roach venue and the forums suggest hemp and caster tactics work well. With matches often taking place along the river it is a great source of information for the pleasure angler, simply keep a regular check on the match results in the angling press.

River Ure,boroughbridge the weir in the mist photo at boroughbridge

misty ure

River Ure,fishing sign fishing limit signed on the river ure boroughbridge

river Ure club


Talking to the locals is the best way to find out about the fishing in these areas. Care needs to be taken when fishing as the banks can be steep and muddy. Keep your eye on the tide times too as the fishing often depends on them.  Salmon run this river, and they have been getting more and more prolific over the years thanks to cleaner water and help from organizations like the Ure Salmon Trust and the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency. The Ure Salmon Trust works within The Water Framework Directive (UST) has been established to help increase the quantity of Migratory Fish (principally Salmon, Sea Trout and Lamprey) It is run by David Bamford. Take a look at their website   Ure Salmon Trust       

 If you would like to fish in the Yorkshire Dales and on the River Ure look no further than here book your stay at  Thornton Lodge it is a must look if you are planning a trip to this fantastic river. Fish on the river there Tickets accommodation and your own expert angler, this guy has a huge amount of experience on the Ure take a look and book a stay in the Yorkshire Dales.
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