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Grange Farm River Swale

Grange farm fishery is a beautiful part of the world situated in Myton near Helperby in North Yorkshire on the river Swale. This is the lower river Swale just above the meeting with the river Ure. It has everything for the river angler sweeping bends deep holes shallows with streamer weed and lots of far bank cover for the chub and barbel, safe parking and a short walk to the river.grange farm river swale

The river here is day ticket, and the stretch is over a half a mile from the farm upstream with some great looking swims. To get to the farm from The A1 take the Boroughbridge turn off go through the town over the river Ure then take the second exit off the roundabout. After a couple of hundred meters take the right turn and follow the road through Milby then to Thornton then take a right at the junction over the Swale bridge and into Helperby turn right at the junction and travel through the village after about half a mile after the village take the right-hand turn signposted Myton. The road is narrow so take care. The first farm on the right-hand side is Grange farm.

Pass the big barn doors and turn right into the farm and park between the stable doors still facing the way you drove in. Go through double doors signposted fishermen pay in porch sign in red and put £5 pound per angler in the provided brown envelope put your car reg number on the envelope and post it in the honesty box.keep moving in the same direction over the field to the river making sure you close the gates after you.

river swale myton

I fished The Swale at Myton with and my good friend Russ Barker from UK fishing we fished this stretch in September 2016 it was an overcast day but dry. First, we had a good walk of the river its a lovely part of the world with bends shallows deep pools and plenty of cover. The countryside is typical of the area, green and lush farmland.

It is very rural and its also nice to find not a scrap of litter to be found anywhere. This is a reflection on the anglers that fish here True Anglers interested in catching fish not leaving litter. So all you anglers that fish here Well Done.river swale fishing

We baited up a couple of swims and walked back to the first one to try our luck. We saw a quad bike with dog go passed [the farmer we thought] and 20 minutes later back he came giving us a wave with lots of sheep following,[farmer Sheep and Dog] in that order. Our quarry was barbel but we would take anything that came along as this part of the Swale was new to us.

We chatted with a few anglers who had fished here before and after a good discussion, we were armed with a few tips for future reference. The swim looked barbely but after a couple of fishless hours, we moved to plan b.Plan b was shallower faster water with far bank cover and looked fantastic. Russ like me had a silly grin on his face, looks good here he said! I agreed so we baited up and cast in and waited in anticipation. We were chatting about the fishing and then I saw it or rather them ! 2 otters making their way upstream towards us I shouted out to scare them away get out of it or words to that effect and they both turned and ventured back downstream.river swale chubb

Despite the otters It wasn’t too long when Russ had a nice chub then we both had a few small fish. Then the tip swung round with more vigour I thought Barbel? but after a few, seconds I realised that this was a chub, not an ordinary chub but one of some big proportions for the lower Swale. We weighed it at  51b12 oz a PB for me and a superb specimen it was too. We left the fishery chatting and smiling planning the next days fishing as we were both off work on annual holidays, The River Swale again tomorrow Russ or another river ?. We discussed the options and decided that there’s one thing that is certain, we will be revisiting Grange farm on the river Swale sooner rather than later.

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River Ure Boroughbridge AC stretch

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River Ure Boroughbridge AC stretch 54.097909, -1.396573 This small stretch of river is controlled by Boroughbridge AC and is ideal as you can park in the picnic area and fish a stone\'s throw away. The fishing is from the sign near the weir down to the sign just above the road bridge, It is a short section with fast water just off the weir and is more suited to fishing in the summer months. There is no fishing on a Sunday tickets from Baileys near the Crown Hotel across the road from the fish and chip shop.or from Pybus newsagents in the town.   Boroughbridge England, United Kingdom (Directions)

Please see the video of the day’s fishing below.

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