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Don at Doncaster

I Its early August and I have already fished the Don more times this season than I did in the whole of last year. But the  number of banked fish has been less so I have been sat in my biteless hours pondering why?

river donWhen I sit and look at my fishing diary I find that a lot of my sessions have been after rain and the water temperature has dropped ,perhaps this has not helped my quest,We all know that in winter when the water temperature drops so does the barbel fishing but this temperature drop is only temporary and I could have missed out by not fishing during a stable river temperature. Other reasons that run through my mind are the choice of bait [ You can go on forever on this one] Also location! If the fish aren’t there you aint going to catch them.

Also timing, I fish mainly for barbel so very early morning sessions late afternoon and evening also night fishing are probably the best times for this quarry having said that ive hooked them on a sunny afternoon but not that often , its more likely a chub will beat any barbel to the bait in those conditions.river don doncaster

I put it down to most or all of these things especially when myself or you are an impulsive angler and just get down to the river as and when you can it is far better to plan a session than to race down no matter what, Having said that I would rather be sat by the river than doing almost anything else . We as river angler know that feeling ,Its just being there that counts.


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