Photos and videos are a great way to show to the anglers the places that we fish. it may not be a good way to show anglers how to fish these places but we do try, here are a few of the videos that we make during our fishing trips. we will, of course, be adding to the collection this season, Feel free to send your photos and videos to us for inclusion within this website.


To see these videos and more go to our YouTube channels.

Yorkshire River Angler  & UKfishingvlog


Sutton on Derwent

A morning on the Trent

Opening Day on the Don

Fishing the Swale at Myton

Trotting and small feeder work on the river Dearne

Fishing the river Don

sutton on Derwent

Trotting and small feeder work River Dearne

River Don pike fishing

Fishing the river Don October 16

A lovely river Don Barbel

Barbel Fishing on the river Trent

Fantastic chub and barbel fishing

Chub on the Swale

Fishing on the Don

Chub fishing on the Trent

A look at the river Dearne at Broomhill. Rus Barker and Andy Collier

Fishing on the river Calder

Carp from the river Dearne

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