Photographs taken from our fishing trips in Yorkshire

We always take our cameras with us on our river fishing trips around our county Yorkshire just in case we are lucky enough to catch a big one but also to capture images of the beautiful countryside. Yorkshire has its fair share of rivers and the majority of them flow through unspoiled countryside and that gives us the river angler a huge advantage to the non-angler. We get to see, walk and practice our sport in this unbelievable environment and over the years we have built up a fair collection of images of the terrain in Yorkshire. Although we are not professional photographers we thought that we should share some of the images with our fellow anglers. Perhaps most people who visit these pages have an interest in angling in some form or another river anglers, fly fishermen, anglers that fish commercial fisheries, whatever your passion the majority of anglers will have a liking for the countryside, but it is the river fishing angler that spends his time in the sticks often with long walks. Finally we hope you enjoy these images of Yorkshire and please send any images that you may have and get them included within this post.   email

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An autumn footpath along the Yorkshire Derwent near the village of Bossall 

Summer on the river Wharfe near Boston Spa and Weatherby ready for some river angling

View over the Derwent Valley Near Kirkham after a long walk to the fishing through Howsham wood.

The beautiful lower Swale at Myton on Swale 

A weirpool runoff in the summer Yorkshire Derwent at Howsham Mill

The weir at Topcliffe pre-restoration of the mill sometime in the 80s on the river Swale 

A long walk to the river at Howsham in the bitter winter weather.

A walk across a winter meadow to the river around Scrayingham Yorkshire whilst fishing on the river Derwent.

The lower river Wharfe heading towards Newton Kyme

Walking to the river through Howsham Woods can be hard going but well worth the effort.

Upper river Ure near Aysgarth.These falls are superb after a heavy downfall of rain.

Howsham Mill mear Howsham Hall on the Yorkshire Derwent

The river Dearne near Storrs Mill Wood 

River Wharfe near Weatherby

Fishing on the river Nidd at Tockwith

River Wharfe Wetherby 

Overgrown pathway at the side of the river Dearne Darfield

Autumn on a misty River Dearne

River Ure near Humberton

Footpath on the Dearne

A winter view next to the river Dearne at Broomhill

Woodland by the river Wharfe Boston Spa

Swans on the river Dearne Little Houghton

An angler on the river Dearne at Darfield

The Derwent at Kirkham not too far from Kirkham Abby

Midd summer on the lower river Wharfe Thorpe Arch

A sky view near Aldborough next to the River Ure

An Aqueduct carrying the New Junction Canal over the lower Tidal River Don at Kirk Bramwith near Doncaster.

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